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Fireproof File Cabinets

  • Why Commercial Builders Need Secure Records Storage

    Posted on November 5, 2013 by admin

    Commercial builders of all sizes generate and maintain critical documents and data every day. These include permits, HR materials, blueprints and plans, vendor contracts and agreements of many kinds. All are important enough to safeguard from disaster.

    For productivity, efficiency, safety and security, file storage is a commercial builders priority. To protect your business, plus ensure availability and confidentiality of critical files, security safes matter. FireKing meets your file storage needs efficiently at a smart price. Here are four reasons why commercial builders need secure storage for records and data:

    1.     Secure storage adds an additional level of security for confidential, critical documents. Secure file storage in an accessible, fireproof, lockable storage cabinet prevents information tampering or alteration by unauthorized users.

    The potential threat of robbery, burglary and internal theft is a true concern for any business. To combat this threat, your building site and office may have safety precautions in place, like surveillance, camera and alarm systems. Add an extra layer of security for those critical HR documents, permits and vendor contracts with a security safe for your files adds another level of protection. By securing valuable documents, the risk of confidential information getting into the wrong hands is minimized.

    2. Maintain an organized inventory of company and customer documents and files.

    Between on-site locations and offices, organized files are critical for commercial builders. Permits, forms, HR material, blueprints and other plans, vendor contracts and more: organization is key to smooth business operations. City and state governments require certain documents to be available upon demand. And so disorganization of files can lead to spotty business practices at best, and illegal operations at worst. Know where your important files are – and store them where they belong.

    3. Secure storage offers peace of mind in case of catastrophe.

    Keeping customer and company documents safe from fire, flood, theft or other disaster requires attention before the unthinkable occurs. No business is immune to the threat of natural disasters, including storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and fires. Should the worst occur, your staff can focus on customers and clients, knowing that critical documents are stored safely and appropriately.

    Potential for disaster in the commercial building industry does not exist only on the job site: it’s a threat in your own office as well. Take caution for all your locations. ioSafe hard drives and network storage as well as fireproof file cabinets are the best secure storage that’s natural disaster ready.

    4. Expand and grow your commercial building company with confidence.

    As your company looks to the future for growth opportunities, it’s more important than ever to have quick access to important documents, and to store them securely. Organized file systems allow your staff to find exactly what you need in a quick, efficient time frame. And nothing halts expansion like disaster. Take on new projects with confidence, knowing that a natural disaster won’t hurt the construction timeline or derail progress.


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  • Comparing FireKing Lateral File Cabinets

    Posted on February 18, 2013 by admin

    Making the right buying decision

    When it comes to protecting your paper documents and records, FireKing filing cabinets are known worldwide as the best records protection you can buy. Available in your choice of three different widths, FireKing packs more standard features into their product that any other brand name manufacturer. Let’s take an apples to apples look at your options!

    Available in 31", 38" and 44" widths, the FireKing lateral fireproof files give you the most filing space available in a fire file and are all available in 2, 3 and 4-drawer sizes, and come standard with a UL-listed high-security Medeco® key lock. With so many standard features in every cabinet (more than any other brand name manufacturer) your main concern when buying a FireKing lateral with be 1) Width 2) Color 3) Number of drawers and 4) Delivery Type 

    Fire Rating. Only the FireKing brand of files come standard with a UL 350 1 Hour Fire & Impact rating. While other manufacturers give you the option to have the additional impact rating, FireKing believes you deserve the best records protection you can buy.FireKing late ral files carry the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label on their insulated records protection equipment, the product must meet or exceed the UL 72 testing standards.
    UL Impact Rating - The UL Impact Rating is equivalent to a fall from a three story building.FireKing fireproof lateral filing cabinets carry the UL 350 1-hour fire rating. After a product has passed the Fire Endurance Test, another sample of the same product may be tested for fire and impact.
    UL Explosion Rating
    For this test, the sample is prepared in the same manner as for the two previous tests. The test furnace is left empty and heated to 2000°F. The testers quickly open the door and insert the sample. For 30 minutes (20 minutes for units rated ½ hour), the furnace is kept at 2000°F. If no explosion takes place, the sample remains in the furnace until it cools sufficiently to handle.
    Water Protection - 95% of fires have water presentSprinklers and fire hoses often cause more damage than the fire itself. All FireKing files are designed to prevent water damage resulting from water sprinkler systems and fire hoses. FireKing, the best records protection you can buy, will protect your documents from fire disaster.
    Key Lock Medeco
    All FireKing files come standard with a Medecco high-security key lock. Programmable electronic locks are available for most FireKing files. You can specify one E-lock for the cabinet or order your fire safe file with E-locks on each filing drawer (Turtle™ files are equipped with standard key locks).
    All FireKing filing cabinets are proudly Made in the USA in New Albany, Indiana. Support the Buy American Act and shop the best records protection you can buy - FireKing.
    ETL RatedTo date, FireKing is the only brand of fireproof lateral file cabinets that carry a dual rating for paper document s and electronic media such as USB thumb drives and flash drives.  With the added ETL ½ hour media rating you can safely protect digital data from loss in a fire disaster.1/2 Hour ETL Rating: This fire file cabinet is certified to protect external hard drives, thumb drives, flash drives, memory cards, CD's DVD's from heat for 30 minutes.


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  • Patriot Fireproof File Cabinet | Value Minded & Made in the USA

    Posted on February 1, 2013 by admin

    In today’s economy, it’s wise to make budget-minded choices for your business or organization. But making economically smart choices doesn't have to mean a sacrifice in quality. When your files matter, your file storage matters too.

    Stick to your budget and stick to quality too with the FireKing Patriot Fireproof File Cabinet. The American Made Patriot file cabinet is an economical solution for protecting your business’s critical information.

    Know you’re making a choice of integrity: the Patriot Fireproof File Cabinet offers a high degree of security for your important files. Security is the first priority on all FireKing Patriot models. Each features UL Listed high-security locks in a variety of key and lock arrangements.

    Economically priced for today’s budget-minded businesses, the FireKing Patriot Fireproof File Cabinet invites no compromise. The Patriot series has received the prestigious UL class 350° one hour fire rating award. Should the worst occur, your company’s files are not at risk. This makes it a safe, secure choice for your organization’s critical records.

    The Patriot series is proudly manufactured right here in the United States. When you and your company choose American-made products, you support our industries and our communities. Making that domestic purchase demonstrates that you and your company believe in American workers and American industry.

    The Patriot file comes in two and four drawer 31" and 25" models, so you can choose the best size for your needs. The 25" models are equipped to hold letter-sized documents front to back, or legal-sized documents side to side.

    For reference here are all of the part numbers, SKUs and UPC codes:



    All Patriot FireKing models include the most desirable features, like field replaceable panels and recessed handles. Patriot cabinets are available in your choice of two popular colors: black and parchment.

    Security is standard on all FireKing cabinets. Our Signature Series features UL Listed high-security locks in a variety of key and lock arrangements.

    It’s not only a budget-friendly choice, it’s a long-lasting choice. The FireKing Patriot file cabinet is backed by a manufacturer's 10-year limited warranty. Trust that your Patriot file cabinet will pass the test of time. When you choose from the Patriot line of file cabinets, you get that reliable, consistent FireKing quality.

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  • SentrySafe Special Promotion for 2013 | $49.99 Full Setup and Delivery

    Posted on January 22, 2013 by admin

    $49.99 Full Inside Delivery Special, See Rules and Restrictions below!

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  • Buy American Act | Made in the USA Safes and Fireproof File Cabinets

    Posted on January 22, 2013 by admin

    “Buy American.” Sure, it’s a little reminiscent of World War-era patriotism. But the heart behind the sentiment is alive and well today. When you and your company choose to Buy American, you take a stand for our country’s industry. KL Security is pleased to offer a variety of products that let you do just that.

    In February 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was signed into law. This economic stimulus was put into action as a response to the late-2000s recession. The act’s primary objective was to save and create jobs, right here in the United States. Furthermore, the act aimed to invest in infrastructure, education, health and energy.

    ARRA also included a “Buy American” provision, requiring that any building or public works project funded by this stimulus package must use only iron, steel and other manufacturing goods produced domestically. Americans were encouraged to buy from each other as a way to invest in each other.At KL Security Enterprises, we don’t think you should have to compromise. We’re proud of our products, high-quality and made right here in the USA. We specialize in fire safes andfile cabinets for the secure storage of documents and data. With over 20 combined years of experience under our belt, we know quality when we see it.  It is our privilege to offer safes made in America, including FireKing, Hamilton Safe, Hamilton Products Group, SentrySafe and Securall.

    Buying American is a good idea for many reasons beyond the “Buy American” act, for both government and private organizations. Buying American-made goods supports our country and its economic endeavors. Making that domestic purchase demonstrates that you and your company believe in American workers and American industry.

    Whether you represent a government or private agency, KL Security can meet your needs and surpass your expectations. Choose secure, fireproof and high-quality file cabinets and safes from FireKing, Hamilton Safe, Hamilton Products Group, SentrySafe and Securall.

    Choosing an American product benefits our country’s communities too. The income workers receive from creating these goods stays here. That income gets invested and spent in our neighborhoods, cities and our local Main Streets. KL Security stands on its heritage of American-made products.

    As you and your company buy American-made goods, you’re choosing quality. At KL Security, quality is our priority. We work diligently to build products you’ll be proud of, happy with and thrilled to showcase in your offices.
    When you and your company have made the choice to buy American, you can make a confident choice in KL Security products. A wide variety of safes and fireproof file cabinets are available, and all are proudly Made in the USA. Choose among FireKing, Hamilton Safe, Hamilton Products Group, SentrySafe and Securall products.KL Security offers a wide variety of safes and fireproof cabinets. Choose the right fit for you and your company; no matter what you choose, you’re choosing a product that’s made in the USA. It’s a decision you can take pride in.

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  • Fireproof File Cabinets for the Design Minded Individual and Office

    Posted on January 15, 2013 by admin

    Ah, the office: it’s a home away from home for most of us. With the amount of time we spend there, how our office looks matters. Why shouldn’t it look good?

    Match your office decor with FireKing Signature Series Cabinet Match your office decor with FireKing Signature Series Cabinet

    Office interiors matter to employees who work in them. We spend a good portion of our waking hours in the workplace, but these surroundings can be drab and uninspiring. How the office looks matters to staff productivity and energy. The office environment, when successfully designed, can spur creativity and focus attention.

    Furthermore, the look of the office influences the experience of your customers. Consider interior design the office’s first impression. The look and feel, if done well, can take customer experience from good to great.

    Aesthetics are a key consideration when planning office storage, especially for interior designers, office furniture designers and architects who plan these important spaces. And secure, safe storage doesn’t have to sacrifice style. Let color back in with the FireKing Signature Series fireproof file cabinets.

    The FireKing Signature Series answers the aesthetics question by injecting design and color into the office. Its sleek exterior can be color-customized. Choose from nine standard hues or, for a modest fee, get any unique color of your choice.

    Make storage work with your design scheme. Hermann Miller? The HON Company? Haworth? We’ll match it all.

    Signature Series cabinets provide efficient, space-saving storage capacity. Vertical and lateral models are available, all featuring the smart design and quality construction of FireKing products. These cabinets are finished with FireKing’s exclusive powder coat for longevity in the product: it’s scratch, scuff and stain resistant.

    And the features don’t stop there –the beauty is in the details too. Each storage cabinet has Accuride drawer suspensions, field replaceable exterior steel skins and recessed designer handles.

    Security is standard on all FireKing cabinets. Our Signature Series features UL Listed high-security locks in a variety of key and lock arrangements.

    Security, safety and style don’t have to be exclusive. Your office really can have it all. The FireKing Signature Series is an ideal choice for any office that values aesthetics and design.  For more information click live chat or call 765-463-7972.

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