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Loss Prevention

  • What your medical office needs for file and data security

    Posted on August 13, 2013 by admin

    Safety and security are top priorities for your doctor’s office, dental office or medical clinic. With changing legislation and prescription drug abuse, HIPAA updates and information security changes, now is the time to secure your office’s critical files.

    To protect your patients, your staff and your office’s assets, security matters. FireKing offers a comprehensive collection of file cabinets and the highest quality storage solutions for all your office’s needs. What can secure file storage do for your office?

    Secure file storage keeps you compliant with changing legislation.

    Keep information integrity at the forefront, no matter what updates to HIPAA come along. Creating consistent, easy-to-follow procedures for data collection and secure storage. Upon data collection, keep patient information legislation-compliant with proper file storage.

    File mismanagement can hurt a practice, compromise patient personal information and even create a HIPAA violation. Secure files in a fire-proof, water-proof and HIPAA-compliant lockable storage cabinet (link to FireKing product listings). FireKing’s line of prevents information tampering or alteration by unauthorized users. Data security is a good choice for your patients and your staff.

    Locked file cabinets add another level of security.

    The potential threat of robbery, burglary and internal theft is a true concern for your doctor’s office, clinic or dental office. Add natural disasters to the list, like fire, storms or water damage, and the need for secure file storage only increases. While medical records themselves are often the property of the patient, the storage equipment for health records is the property of the health care provider. Doctor offices, dental offices and healthcare facilities need efficient, safe and secure file storage.

    To combat this threat, many have safety precautions in place, like surveillance and alarm systems. A lockable, theft-deterrant FireKing file cabinet adds another level of protection. By securing your office’s critical documents, the risk of criminal activity is greatly decreased.

    Secure file storage prevents data mishandling and promotes access control.

    When your dental office, medical office or clinic uses a secure file cabinet, you keep patient data in the right hands and out of the wrong hands. Lockable file storage allows your office’s leadership to determine who does and does not have access. You can ensure that only permitted staff can get to these valuable documents. Furthermore, secure file storage with FireKing’s line of comprehensive products keeps documents and files between professionals and patients only.

    To learn more about FireKing’s full line of medical file storage cabinets, click here. It’s our privilege to be your partner in security, safety and compliance.


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  • 5 Ways to Protect Rent Checks & Utility Payments

    Posted on February 14, 2013 by admin

    One of the most common questions our customers ask us is “How can I better protect and secure rent checks, payments and after hours deposits?” While in many cases it’s a layered security approach, here are the top 5 ways you can improve security and mitigate risk and loss of cash, checks and payments.

    Lighting Well lit areas are less prone to loss. From under-lit walls to  overhead lights, a properly planned and well-lit area is a practical deterrent for would be criminals. Put people in the spot light!

    Surveillance Video surveillance and Network Video Recorders (NVR) are generally a no brainer and expected layer or security. However, if you do not have a camera system or IP camera watching over your night deposits, you should remedy this sooner, rather than later.

    RentVAULT This high security night depository safe is designed specifically to protect again loss from phishing, and certain types of forced entry. When our customers asked us how we could better protect from threats, we answered with a brand new security safe that is meant to address loss of rent checks, cashier’s checks and payments that are received in envelopes.

    Vestibule Doors A vestibule area surrounds an exterior door and creates an interior chamber. Small spaces are considered to be more controlled environments, provide a feeling of safety and can be monitored and better lit than some outdoor areas.

    TurnStiles Commonly used as entrance control security measures, TurnStiles are designed to create a secure environment, from entering a lobby area to accessing a night depository, TurnStiles are a great combination of high security and deterrence as well as style.

    When you combine all or even just a few of the above security measures, it is possible to create a very secure environment for both your customers, patrons and valuable assets. When safety and security are a priority, call our expert team for advice and solutions. We are here to help.


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