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  • What your medical office needs for file and data security

    Posted on August 13, 2013 by admin

    Safety and security are top priorities for your doctor’s office, dental office or medical clinic. With changing legislation and prescription drug abuse, HIPAA updates and information security changes, now is the time to secure your office’s critical files.

    To protect your patients, your staff and your office’s assets, security matters. FireKing offers a comprehensive collection of file cabinets and the highest quality storage solutions for all your office’s needs. What can secure file storage do for your office?

    Secure file storage keeps you compliant with changing legislation.

    Keep information integrity at the forefront, no matter what updates to HIPAA come along. Creating consistent, easy-to-follow procedures for data collection and secure storage. Upon data collection, keep patient information legislation-compliant with proper file storage.

    File mismanagement can hurt a practice, compromise patient personal information and even create a HIPAA violation. Secure files in a fire-proof, water-proof and HIPAA-compliant lockable storage cabinet (link to FireKing product listings). FireKing’s line of prevents information tampering or alteration by unauthorized users. Data security is a good choice for your patients and your staff.

    Locked file cabinets add another level of security.

    The potential threat of robbery, burglary and internal theft is a true concern for your doctor’s office, clinic or dental office. Add natural disasters to the list, like fire, storms or water damage, and the need for secure file storage only increases. While medical records themselves are often the property of the patient, the storage equipment for health records is the property of the health care provider. Doctor offices, dental offices and healthcare facilities need efficient, safe and secure file storage.

    To combat this threat, many have safety precautions in place, like surveillance and alarm systems. A lockable, theft-deterrant FireKing file cabinet adds another level of protection. By securing your office’s critical documents, the risk of criminal activity is greatly decreased.

    Secure file storage prevents data mishandling and promotes access control.

    When your dental office, medical office or clinic uses a secure file cabinet, you keep patient data in the right hands and out of the wrong hands. Lockable file storage allows your office’s leadership to determine who does and does not have access. You can ensure that only permitted staff can get to these valuable documents. Furthermore, secure file storage with FireKing’s line of comprehensive products keeps documents and files between professionals and patients only.

    To learn more about FireKing’s full line of medical file storage cabinets, click here. It’s our privilege to be your partner in security, safety and compliance.


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  • Keeping Cloud Data HIPAA Compliant

    Posted on July 29, 2013 by admin

    In early 2013, the Department of Health and Human Services issued their “Final Rule” to modify HIPAA. This ruling puts further regulations on cloud-based health data storage to keep patient information secure.

    HIPAA – that’s the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 – aims to ensure confidentiality of health information. These federal regulations for the safety, security and integrity of personal, private and confidential health information govern both electronic and paper records.

    The security and privacy requirements are getting more serious with each new modification. And for good reason: Both healthcare and financial data are prime targets for identity theft. This amounts to about $70 billion per year in Medicare fraud alone.

    To combat this, HIPAA is taking steps to regulate cloud storage. Under this new regulation, healthcare providers are required to use only cloud service providers who have signed a “Business Associate Agreement,” ensuring security as a priority. The estimated cost of compliance with this final rule is a staggering $114 - $225 million in the first year alone, with $14 million for each year thereafter.

    Consumer healthcare services are quickly moving online, storing patient data electronically; as healthcare data moves to the cloud, efficiency increases. But so does security risk. Protect your patients’ critical data and stay HIPAA compliant with the ioSafe. It’s HIPAA compliance in a box, with secure data no matter what the disaster.

    ioSafe leads the industry in disaster proof hardware. Since 2005, ioSafe’s patented technology provides unparalleled security against fire, flood and theft for thousands of homes and businesses. Like an aircraft black box, ioSafe adds physical security and protection to irreplaceable data.

    For private cloud storage, the ioSafe N2 NAS offers ultimate security. Your data is safe from tech threats, like hackers and identity theft. HIPAA compliance can be demonstrated well. Designed to be the center of your private cloud, the ioSafe N2 is powered by a Synology DSM motherboard and operating system. It allows for fast access on your local network and remote access from nearly any device connected to the internet - all secured and protected by you.

    Perfect for any business with vulnerable data. Use the ioSafe N2 as a disaster plan-in-a-box solution for any data at risk. Security, speed,compliance and accessibility can all be enhanced for employees that need access to cloud data 24/7 and managers looking to optimize IT budgets.

    Encryption and network security are often used to protect cloud-stored data. But even the best encrypted data remains at risk of damage from fires, natural disasters and theft. All ioSafe models  keep your data physically secure too.

    ioSafe specializes in hardware to help protect vulnerable data wherever it may reside. Designed to be bolted to the floor, survive building collapse or padlocked to anything immovable, the ioSafe features steel outer casings combined with fire and flood protection. The ioSafe is available in many sizes and models to meet the needs of healthcare organizations of all sizes, from a major metropolitan hospital to a small community clinic.

    Every employer, hospital, office and employee is required to ensure the confidentiality of health information. As your office focuses on quality care for your patients, adhering to HIPAA guidelines matters. Keep integrity, availability and confidentiality in mind as you strive for the best in patient service.


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  • Five Reasons to Buy Safety Cabinets

    Posted on May 3, 2013 by admin

    No matter what you and your company store, some items you use daily require extra care and extra attention. Flammable materials, combustible substances, volatile products, dangerous chemicals, sensitive documents, valuable items and even medications call for security storage. And there are many reasons to consider safety cabinets as you determine the best way to achieve security.

    1. Stay compliant with critical safety regulations. When you choose a safety cabinet, you’re choosing storage in compliance with critical security directives. Securall strives to know and understand the most current OSHA and NFPA guidelines, which dictate the use and design of safety storage products. All Securall safety cabinets comply with current OSHA regulations and are designed in accordance with the standards of NFPA Code 30.

    2. Improve efficiency by allowing safe, secure storage near the point of use. Safety cabinets create a more effective workplace by storing items securely right where they are needed. Place critical documents in the area of the office where employees need them the most, for example. Or store flammable paints and sealants in the area of the factory where refinishing happens. Safety cabinets allow for a streamlined workplace.

    3. Protect your organization’s public image. Nothing damages a good reputation like a workplace emergency. Safety cabinets keep flammable, combustible and volatile substances secure, preventing accidents and damage. Preserving safety keeps your company out of the headlines for emergencies and in the headlines for success.

    4. Keep your valuable assets out of the wrong hands. Safety cabinets protect your organization’s sensitive documents and critical items safe from theft. Safety cabinets provide a level of security that both defends and deters potential robberies.

    5. Protect your organization’s most important resource: your people. As an employer, protecting employees is your first priority. Proper storage of dangerous items prevents emergencies, from minor to even life-threatening. With safety cabinets, you don’t leave well-being to chance. Look out for the welfare of those you employ with safety cabinets.

    The Securall line of storage products was first manufactured in 1965. The products have evolved with time, and each bears the company’s legacy of reliability, safety and dependability. Safety comes standard on all our products. Choose Securall flammable safety cabinets for your company’s critical assets.


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  • Medical Record Storage - Side Tab End Tab Storage

    Posted on January 7, 2013 by admin

    In the healthcare industry, patient care is the top priority. And a key part of high-quality,
    For many offices, side tab and end tab files are the standard for medical records, health records and medical charts. These records include a variety of notes entered over time by health care professionals, including medication and therapies, results of tests, x-rays and other reports. Personal health information accumulates over the lifetime of a practice, making records protection and management a serious matter.professional care is organization, security and safety for your patients’ critical medical records.

    Maintaining these records completely and accurately is a pinnacle of good patient care. Furthermore, security and safety of these records matters. Side tab and end tab files should be stored in an organized, protected manner.

    While the medical records themselves are often the property of the patient, the storage equipment for health records is the property of the health care provider. Doctor offices, dental offices and healthcare facilities need efficient, safe file storage.

    File mismanagement can hurt a practice, compromise patient personal information and even create a HIPAA violation. Get patient files organized and keep them secure with the FireKing Storage Cabinet.

    The door of the FireKing Storage Cabinet opens the full width for easy access to side tab files or three ring binders. When closed, the door locks for secure, fireproof storage.

    Convenient accessories make the FireKing Storage Cabinet a great choice for organizing. Oversized documents, binders, end-tab files and other valuables can be safely stored within the cabinet. Plus, enjoy a convenient pull-out tray and file drawer. These additional storage accessories allow your staff to organize files in the best way for your office.

    And selecting a FireKing Storage Cabinet means HIPAA compliance. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) regulations are a set of national standards which are designed to enforce strong security and privacy standards to protect personal health information. HIPAA mandates include storage that protects from fire, water and theft. Each cabinet has secure, industry-leading features.

    The FireKing Storage Cabinet for medical records holds the prestigious Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label for fireproof protection, and it exceeds the UL 72 testing standards, so you can be confident in the safety of your medical, dental or healthcare records should the worst occur.

    Sprinklers and fire hoses can often cause more damage than the fire itself. All FireKing storage cabinets are designed to protect your records from water harm.

    High-security Medecco key locks are standard with all FireKing medical record storage cabinets. Protect your files and keep them secure with a programmable electronic lock, available for most FireKing files. Specify one e-lock for the cabinet or order your fire-safe file with electronic locks on each drawer.

    And all FireKing record storage cabinets are proudly made in the United States, in New Albany, Indiana. Support American industry and make the best choice for secure, safe storage: FireKing.

    Providing the best care for patients means providing security for their records. FireKing provides industry-leading, efficient, safe file storage for healthcare, medical and dental offices. FireKing offers the best records protection you can buy and will protect your documents from water, fire and more.

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