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  • Paint and Ink Can Safety

    Posted on May 9, 2013 by admin

    Paints and ink substances are used in a variety of industries. Hardware stores, design companies, art studios, workshops and manufacturing locations large and small may require such storage. Print shops and auto body repair shops regularly require paint and ink storage.

    Because of their flammable nature, paint and ink can be. Like other combustible,
    volatile and hazardous materials, paint and ink pose a risk if not stored properly.
    When ink and paint are secure and safe, personnel are protected too.

    For secure and safe storage of your organization’s paint and ink, choose Securall
    storage cabinets. Securall is pleased to offer a range of choices to meet your
    organization’s storage needs.

    Designed for storage of one-gallon paint cans, all paint and ink storage cabinets
    feature double wall construction with 1 ½” air space. Galvanized steel shelving, a
    leak-proof, 2” deep sill and two 2” vents with flash arrestors are included.

    Also standard are three-point self-latching doors, a flush-mounted locking handle
    and reinforced 18-gauge all-welded construction. Furthermore, these cabinets have
    a static grounding bolt, three-point self-latching doors, a continuous piano hinge and
    adjustable zinc-plated leveling legs.

    Standard paint and ink storage cabinet colors are red and yellow; cabinets are also
    available in blue, gray, white, beige, green and medium green by request. Both the
    interior and exterior are finished in two-part urethane paint, a durable material
    resistant to UV exposure damage, salt spray, chemical rub, chipping and peeling.
    To further promote safety, a large “Flammable – Keep Fire Away” warning label is
    prominently placed.

    Choose from a variety of sizes and door styles. Both the self-latch standard two-
    door and self-close, self-latch sliding models are available in 40, 60 and 120-gallon
    capacities. The self-latch standard door model has a 20-gallon capacity. And the self-
    close, self-latch Safe-T-Door is manufactured in 20, 40, 60 and 120-gallon capacities.

    Like all Securall products, paint and ink storage cabinets meet NFPA and OSHA
    requirements. No matter what size cabinet you choose, your storage solution is in
    compliance with critical security regulations.

    No matter what the setting, safety is critical. Keep your organization’s paint and ink
    safe and secure by placing them in Securall paint and ink storage cabinets.

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