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  • Why Safe Storage Matters at Your Hospital

    Posted on November 13, 2013 by admin

    Every hospital – from a small community clinic to a major metropolitan hospital – generates documents that are important enough to safeguard from disaster. And with critical medications, patient files and HR records too, safe storage isn’t something your hospital can afford to ignore.

    For productivity, efficiency, patient safety and staff security, safe storage is an important hospital priority. With changing HIPAA legislation, digital and cloud storage debates and prescription drug abuse, issues surrounding hospital storage security are frequently in the headlines. Security safes are more important for hospitals more than ever before.

    To protect your patients and keep your staff safe, plus ensure confidentiality and integrity of critical files, security safes matter for your hospital. We can help you meet your pharmaceutical storage needs, and FireKing meets your file storage needs – both offering the highest quality storage cabinets. Five reasons why secure storage matters for your hospital:

    1. Stay compliant with changing legislation.

    The CSA (Controlled Substances Act) puts drugs and other substances into one of five categories or schedules of drugs with Schedule I requiring the most security and Schedule V the least. The new Safe Prescribing Act of 2013 impacts drug storage, requiring all pharmacies to use a DEA-approved safe for hydrocodone-based painkillers. If passed, under this act, hydrocodone will become a Schedule II substance, requiring your hospital to store these substances in a security-rated safe.

    SafeFile.com, along with NarcoticsSafes.com is your trusted source for safes that meet the Schedule 1 - 5 requirements for drugs and narcotics, plus safes in compliance with these new regulations. Choose from a variety of models rated TL-15 and Class 5 for the storage of these narcotics.

    And HIPAA legislation governs how your hospital stores patients’ critical, confidential records – both hard copies and electronic versions. Keep integrity, availability and confidentiality in mind as you strive for the best in patient service.

    Secure file storage in an accessible, fireproof, lockable storage cabinet prevents information tampering or alteration by unauthorized users.

    2. Security safes add an additional level of security.

    The potential threat of robbery, burglary and internal theft is a true concern for many hospitals. Pharmaceuticals, documents, valuable equipment and more are all at risk. To combat this threat, many hospitals have safety precautions in place, like surveillance, camera and alarm systems. A security safe for your medications and files adds another level of protection. By securing your hospital’s valuable assets, the risk of criminal activity is greatly decreased.

    3. Security safes prevent drug mishandling and promote access control to files.

    When your pharmacy uses security safes, you keep both patient files and prescriptions in the right hands and out of the wrong hands. Security safes let hospital leadership and HR departments determine who does and does not have access, so you can ensure that only permitted staff members can get to these valuable medications and records. Furthermore, security safes keep medications distributed to patients only – and keeps confidential patient information between only the practicioner and patient.

    4. Maintain an organized inventory of medications and files.

    Disorganization of files and medication can lead to mislabeling, mishandling and even dangerous mis-prescribing. Security safes and file storage keep your hospital running efficiently, with the right medications in the right storage areas. Furthermore, organized storage reduces the risk of patients receiving incorrect prescriptions.

    5. Secure storage offers peace of mind – and puts patient care first -- in case of catastrophe.

    No hospital is immune to the threat of natural disasters, including storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and fires. Should the worst occur, your staff can focus on caring for patients, knowing that patient files and pharmaceuticals are stored safely and appropriately. Brand names like FireKing, Securall and Hamilton Safe offer secure storage that’s natural disaster ready.

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  • Paint and Ink Can Safety

    Posted on May 9, 2013 by admin

    Paints and ink substances are used in a variety of industries. Hardware stores, design companies, art studios, workshops and manufacturing locations large and small may require such storage. Print shops and auto body repair shops regularly require paint and ink storage.

    Because of their flammable nature, paint and ink can be. Like other combustible,
    volatile and hazardous materials, paint and ink pose a risk if not stored properly.
    When ink and paint are secure and safe, personnel are protected too.

    For secure and safe storage of your organization’s paint and ink, choose Securall
    storage cabinets. Securall is pleased to offer a range of choices to meet your
    organization’s storage needs.

    Designed for storage of one-gallon paint cans, all paint and ink storage cabinets
    feature double wall construction with 1 ½” air space. Galvanized steel shelving, a
    leak-proof, 2” deep sill and two 2” vents with flash arrestors are included.

    Also standard are three-point self-latching doors, a flush-mounted locking handle
    and reinforced 18-gauge all-welded construction. Furthermore, these cabinets have
    a static grounding bolt, three-point self-latching doors, a continuous piano hinge and
    adjustable zinc-plated leveling legs.

    Standard paint and ink storage cabinet colors are red and yellow; cabinets are also
    available in blue, gray, white, beige, green and medium green by request. Both the
    interior and exterior are finished in two-part urethane paint, a durable material
    resistant to UV exposure damage, salt spray, chemical rub, chipping and peeling.
    To further promote safety, a large “Flammable – Keep Fire Away” warning label is
    prominently placed.

    Choose from a variety of sizes and door styles. Both the self-latch standard two-
    door and self-close, self-latch sliding models are available in 40, 60 and 120-gallon
    capacities. The self-latch standard door model has a 20-gallon capacity. And the self-
    close, self-latch Safe-T-Door is manufactured in 20, 40, 60 and 120-gallon capacities.

    Like all Securall products, paint and ink storage cabinets meet NFPA and OSHA
    requirements. No matter what size cabinet you choose, your storage solution is in
    compliance with critical security regulations.

    No matter what the setting, safety is critical. Keep your organization’s paint and ink
    safe and secure by placing them in Securall paint and ink storage cabinets.

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  • Five Reasons to Buy Safety Cabinets

    Posted on May 3, 2013 by admin

    No matter what you and your company store, some items you use daily require extra care and extra attention. Flammable materials, combustible substances, volatile products, dangerous chemicals, sensitive documents, valuable items and even medications call for security storage. And there are many reasons to consider safety cabinets as you determine the best way to achieve security.

    1. Stay compliant with critical safety regulations. When you choose a safety cabinet, you’re choosing storage in compliance with critical security directives. Securall strives to know and understand the most current OSHA and NFPA guidelines, which dictate the use and design of safety storage products. All Securall safety cabinets comply with current OSHA regulations and are designed in accordance with the standards of NFPA Code 30.

    2. Improve efficiency by allowing safe, secure storage near the point of use. Safety cabinets create a more effective workplace by storing items securely right where they are needed. Place critical documents in the area of the office where employees need them the most, for example. Or store flammable paints and sealants in the area of the factory where refinishing happens. Safety cabinets allow for a streamlined workplace.

    3. Protect your organization’s public image. Nothing damages a good reputation like a workplace emergency. Safety cabinets keep flammable, combustible and volatile substances secure, preventing accidents and damage. Preserving safety keeps your company out of the headlines for emergencies and in the headlines for success.

    4. Keep your valuable assets out of the wrong hands. Safety cabinets protect your organization’s sensitive documents and critical items safe from theft. Safety cabinets provide a level of security that both defends and deters potential robberies.

    5. Protect your organization’s most important resource: your people. As an employer, protecting employees is your first priority. Proper storage of dangerous items prevents emergencies, from minor to even life-threatening. With safety cabinets, you don’t leave well-being to chance. Look out for the welfare of those you employ with safety cabinets.

    The Securall line of storage products was first manufactured in 1965. The products have evolved with time, and each bears the company’s legacy of reliability, safety and dependability. Safety comes standard on all our products. Choose Securall flammable safety cabinets for your company’s critical assets.


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