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Whether you need to meet accreditation requirements for document and paper records storage or want to improve security from fire disaster risk, FireKing is the best choice for fire rated cabinets.

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Fireproof File Cabinets

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  1. Fireproof storage of Side Tab and End Tab files for HIPAA Compliance

    CF4436-MD, Side Tab End Tab Medical Record Storage Cabinet

    Specially designed to store side tab files or end tab filing of HIPAA compliant records, FireKing is the only choice for fireproof storage!

    Regular Price: $4,140.00

    Special Price: $2,075.00

  2. For HIPAA Compliance, FireKing is the best choice for record protection.

    CF7236-MD, Medical Records Storage Cabinet for Side Tab End Tab Files

    The ONLY fireproof record storage cabinet available for End Tab or Side Tab files is from Fireking, the best records protection you can buy for HIPAA!

    Regular Price: $6,435.00

    Special Price: $3,219.00

  3. Fireproof for 2 Hours!

    FireKing 2-2130-2, 2 Drawer Legal, 2 Hour Fire Rated Vertical Filing Cabinet

    With 2 full hours of fireproof security, this two drawer FireKing is your best best for legal size files, vital records and documents. Made in the USA.

    Regular Price: $3,700.00

    Special Price: $1,855.00

  4. 2 Drawers for Documents and Backup Media

    FireKing 2-1825-C, 2 Drawer Letter Width, 25" Deep Vertical File Cabinet

    This space saving 25" deep cabinet has all the best features that only FireKing includes, UL Fire & Impact Rated, ETL Rated to protect media, high security key lock and a powder coated finish.

    Regular Price: $2,270.00

    Special Price: $1,135.00

  5. FireKing 2-1831-C, 2 Drawer Letter Width Vertical Filing

    FireKing 2-1831-C, 2 Drawer Letter Width Vertical Filing

    The Fire King 2-1831-C fireproof file cabinet is about peace of mind. Two drawers are designed to accommodate letter sized documents and if you add DRYFiles waterproof bags, you have the best combination of fireproof, waterproof and UL impact rated.

    Regular Price: $2,820.00

    Special Price: $1,415.00

  6. UL 2 Hour Fireproof Security and Protection

    FireKing 2-1929-2, 2 Drawer Letter, UL 2 Hour Fire Rated Vertical Filing Cabinet

    This two (2) drawer fireproof file cabinet is designed to hold letter size documents and Proudly made in the USA. Like all FireKing filing cabinets it comes standard with a Medeco high security key lock and powder coated finish for a lifetime of use.

    Regular Price: $3,570.00

    Special Price: $1,785.00

  7. 2 Drawers of Paper and Backup Media Protection

    FireKing 2-2125-C, 2 Drawer Legal Vertical File Cabinet, 25" Depth

    The 25 Series of FireKing fireproof files, are perfect small spaces and offices. With all the great features included UL rated impact & fireproof, all FKI files are now ETL rated to protect media!

    Regular Price: $2,310.00

    Special Price: $1,155.00

  8. Hidden burglary safe in a fireproof file cabinet

    FireKing 2-2131-C SF Safe in a File Cabinet, Vertical Fireproof File

    The Safe in a File, Fire King 2-2131-C SF, combines all the features of a fireproof file cabinet and a burglary safe. The 2-2131-CSF cleverly conceals a 2.4 cubic foot, burglary-resistant safe behind a false top drawer panel. The file has a 1 hour UL fire and impact ratedlabel. This two (2) drawer fire file can be ordered with a key or electronic lock. The hidden burglary safe opens with a key lock. Add DRYFiles for an extra layer of waterproof protection!

    Regular Price: $4,075.00

    Special Price: $2,039.00

  9. 2 Drawer of fireproof protection, add DRYFiles to make it waterproof too!

    FireKing 2-2131-C, 2 Drawer Legal Width Fireproof File Cabinet

    The Fire King 2-2131-C is a two (2) drawer vertical file with a one hour UL fire rating. This fire file cabinet is designed to hold legal size hanging folders, paper documents and more. Also ETL verified for 30 minutes of media protection for external hard drives, cd's, DVD's or LTO DLT tapes.

    Regular Price: $2,900.00

    Special Price: $1,455.00

  10. 2 Drawer Lateral Fireproof

    FireKing 2-3122-C Two (2) Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet

    This two (2) drawer lateral file is UL rated fireproof (one hour) and UL rated impact resistant. With the prestigous UL Rating, this is the best fire protection and high security you can get - MADE IN THE USA and ETL Rated to protect computer media.

    Regular Price: $3,760.00

    Special Price: $1,885.00

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Items 1 to 10 of 59 total

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