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Specialty Safes

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  1. Laptop Computer & Tablet Security Safe, LT-1507 from FireKing

    Laptop Computer & Tablet Security Safe, LT-1507 from FireKing

    The Gary laptop computer and tablet safe is designed to offer secure protection for laptop computers and other valuable possessions. Its compact size allows for easy installation on the wall or floor of a home, dorm room office, or even in your automobile.

    Regular Price: $370.00

    Special Price: $225.00

  2. Available in ANY color you want!

    FireKing 2S2130-CSCML, 2 Drawer Legal Signature Designer File Cabinet

    Only the FireKing Signature series combines fireproof protection with an attractive designer look. Available in ANY color you want! Pink? Purple? Blue? You name it, you can get it!
  3. Available in ANY color you want!!

    FireKing 4S2157-CSCML, 4 Drawer Legal Size Vertical in ANY Color you want!

    The only 4 drawer vertical fire file available to match any color you want!
  4. Perfect for Checks, Checkbooks and more!

    FireKing 6-2552-C, Card Check and Note Fireproof Cabinet

    With 6 full drawers of fireproof storage, the FireKing 6-2552-C is a best choice for cards, checks and note storage. Ask how you can save $50 instantly on your purchase today.

    Regular Price: $7,015.00

    Special Price: $3,509.00

  5. FireKing 4-2536-C Card, Check and Note Vertical Cabinet

    FireKing 4-2536-C Card, Check and Note Vertical Cabinet

    Best for cards, checks and notes, the FireKing cabinet is the perfect choice of businesses worldwide.

    Regular Price: $6,135.00

    Special Price: $3,069.00

  6. FireKingMediaVault MV1000

    FireKingMediaVault MV1000

    For the money, you simply cannot get better UL Rated fireproof protection for your data backup tapes, hard drives or CD and DVD archives that the MediaVault from FireKing.

    Regular Price: $855.00

    Special Price: $429.00

  7. Waterproof Storage for ALL of your valuables!

    Waterproof Bags, DRYFiles Protection from Floods, Moisture, Mildew and Sprinklers

    Protect vital records and collectibles from water, mildew or moisture damage with ease! Works with any file cabinet or bankers box! Call for quantity discount!

    Regular Price: $49.99

    Special Price: $23.99

  8. Organize drawers into 2 sections

    FireKing 2 Section Insert for 402536 or 6-2522

    Easily organize your card, check and note cabinets with these two (2) section inserts

    Regular Price: $328.00

    Special Price: $196.80

  9. Organize a drawer into 3 sections

    Three (3) Section Insert for FireKing Card Check Cabinet

    Easily organize any FireKing card cabinet drawer into 3 sections with this handy insert!

    Regular Price: $380.00

    Special Price: $228.00

  10. For HIPAA Compliance, FireKing is the best choice for record protection.

    CF7236-MD, Medical Records Storage Cabinet for Side Tab End Tab Files

    The ONLY fireproof record storage cabinet available for End Tab or Side Tab files is from Fireking, the best records protection you can buy for HIPAA!

    Regular Price: $6,435.00

    Special Price: $3,219.00

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Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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